I am asked this quite often.  Is Body Butter a Moisturizer and How does it work?

Body butters are formulated without water and are thicker, and richer than a normal body moisturizing cream or lotion.  They are made from natural oils bases, usually from not and seed extracts. 
This makes it great for not only problem skin areas, or super dry skin, but also for day long, year-round skin HYDRATION!  Yes, that’s right, I said HYDRATION.  Your skin takes it time to soak up every delightful super moisturizing ingredient in this luxurious queen of moisturizers.

Now… How do you use body butters? 

First, let’s look at what you are using in the shower.  Is your body wash or gel drying out your skin?  This would be the first place to start.   If so, consider switching to an organic body wash that has gentle, natural ingredients.    Are you using a sugar/salt scrub also?  Make suer that they are also an organic or all-natural product with natural emollients to not just slough off those dead skin cells, but also has a moisturizing agent added, like organic shea butter to help retain the moisture on your skin.

After your shower, or your long luxury bath, smooth body butter on your skin.  Give it time, let it sit for a few seconds and watch how, with the natural warmth from your body, the butter will soften so that it will easily smooth on.

Because body butters are so rich, a little body butter will go a long way.  It is suggested that you use small amounts on specific areas and work it in using circular motions.  After a few moments, you will feel it start to absorb into your skin.  If you have a few extra minutes and want some DEEP HYDRATION, lather up and let it soak in while you move o to the next part of your body.   However, if you are short on time, use a coin sized amount and build from there.  If you want an even quicker fix, choose a lighter body butter. These are often called “WHIPPED BODY BUTTERS“.

SUZOTIC’s Luxuriously Whipped Body Butters are blends of coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oils.  These are liquid at room temperature and are quicker to apply.

TIP:  Avoid hot water.  Turn down the temp of your water and decrease the amount of time you spend in the shower or bath to help maintain your skins moisture levels.  Too hot of water will dry the skin and strip it of its natural oils.

Body Butters made with organic ingredients and few or no preservatives and chemical deliver intense moisture.  But beware.  Not every product called “body butter” has skin healthy ingredients.  Cheaper body butters may not benefit your skin much and may even have the opposite effect if they are full of chemicals.  When it comes to body butters, it very well may be worth going for high quality and all natural.  Great body butters, like SUZOTICS Luxuriously Whipped Body Butters, are formulated with ultra-emollient, nutrient rich ingredients like, organic shea or Cocoa and even Mango butters. 

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Suzotic Essential Oils

Scent NameScent Description
BergamotA bright sunniness typical of citrus but with a unique floral and spicy edge.
EucalyptusA revitalizing, invigorating, and clarifying aroma, with a strong aromatic minty scent.
FrankincenseA sweet and woody scent with notes of lemon.
LavenderA subtle blend of fresh, floral, clean, and calming. Known for reducing anxiety and promoting peaceful sleep.
NeroliA sweet, honeyed and somewhat metallic with green and spicy facets.
PatchouliPatchouli delivers a strong sweet, musky and spicy scent.
PeppermintCool & refreshing, delivers a nostalgic scent of water, mint & spearmint.
RoseA relaxing and restorative aroma of blooming roses.
SandalwoodSandalwood is a mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet accents. A deep woody scent.
SpearmintOur Spearmint Essential oil is similar to Peppermint, but contains less menthol.
Sweet OrangeProvides an uplifting & calming citrus scent.
UnscentedDespite its name, Mango butter has a subtle, almost non-existent aroma.
VanillaA sweet, warm, complex, and comforting aroma. Versatile and blends well with other essential oils.