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Case Study: Patrick by Suzotic
| Case Study

Patrick Smith – Extreme Dry Feet

My feet have always been good till around Thanksgiving our sophomore year of High School. That year around 1981, my dad and I were deer hunting, two days after thanksgiving, it was a warm day and while I was walking through the Swamp I stepped in a soft spot and my left leg was buried past my knee halfway up my thigh. After struggling to get out I yelled for my dad and around half an hour later he found me. He stopped far enough away so he did not get buried and threw me a rope. In my struggles to get myself out all I did was wear myself out, I had nothing for leverage. So, I grabbed onto the rope and with my dad pulling and my wiggling around I finally got my leg out but getting my leg out my boot was still in the hole. I had lost it while getting out. I was going to try and get it but where my leg was it was already filled in with muck. So, I crawled to a dry spot, and my dad then helped me up.

Case Study: Cracked Heels
| Case Study

Ashleigh R. – Cracked Heels

I met Ashleigh in a Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Support Group through Facebook. On this particular day, there was a lot of chatter about the severe dry skin issues that we all are subject to due to our thyroid conditions and the medications that we must take. I had attempted to reach out to several people and Ashleigh responded. Because she had tried so many products in the past to combat her severe dry skin issues, she was a bit reluctant to try our product. So, I asked her if she would be my case study. After about 3 weeks of continuous use, Ashleigh was pleasantly surprised with the results.